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AC Suspension.

6.15am The day started with a big tidy up, how does it get in such a mess so quick-it just sneaks up on you. I always feel better once everything is neat and in its place.

!/2 hr fitting tyres back on the freshly painted Daimler rims, they look great.

On with the AC, a brief history-we have had a long term problem with the rear of the car sitting at an angle, as though it has a weak spring. The strange thing is when you get out the suspension does not return to ride height, I have done all the obvious job and it is still the same. Tuesday I fitted Telescopic dampers alongside the friction damper on the front. This made the rear even worse. So today's task was to find what the issue is at the front of the car affecting the rear ride height.

After disconnecting all the dampers the issue improved. I cross referenced the Spax adjustable dampers and found a 'Gas' equivalent, hoping that the natural tendency to fully extend would help the springs return to the correct ride height. Seemed to make a good improvement. We have ordered new up-rated rear springs-ride height issues too, so we will wait until they are fitted to fully evaluate the results.

Lastly after work I poped over to Leeds to pick up and Audi A3 1.8t Quattro for resale. Looks a nice car, we shall see in the morning.

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